lunes, agosto 09, 2010

How to embrace Social Media without killing yourself

Aquí está el texto que escribí para el Newsletter de Quaxar de este mes. Se los paso:

How to embrace Social Media without killing yourself
The outbreak of social media. What a topic! You have undoubtedly come across people talking about this subject all the time. I bet some of you are fed up with the concept. Some of you maybe just hate it and don’t want to know anything about it.  
However, even if you don’t like it, you should consider that social media is already here. It provides the way people share ideas, content, thoughts, and relationships online. If you are clever enough, you must have noticed that this is the perfect place for companies to connect with their customers and learn more about them.
Until now, companies have been very cautious about social media but they have realized that it is very important to integrate and listen to feedback for a better understanding of how the audience is relating to their brand.  
Consumers are looking for value that goes beyond just a discount. They are active users of social media. They talk. They engage. They suggest. They criticize. They promote. They share.  They judge. They are not just customers. They’ve become Social Customers... 
As companies move forward in this new terrain, they should motivate their own people to embrace the process with a smile...
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- Amaya

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