domingo, diciembre 04, 2005

The other side

“Easy girl”, I thought. “Getting married is a piece of cake”.

Isn’t it?

I just don’t know anymore. I would like to have someone to do all the dirty work for me. You know what I mean? But then again I think this idea is kind of stupid if I take into account all the pleasure and the fun that takes organising the whole thing.

Did I mention “fun”? Oh-my-Gosh, I’ve already started to space out… This is not fun at all… In fact, it’s a very aching process. Believe me. Nobody helps you. It’s hyper expensive. You got stress for free. You have to make 1,000,000 decisions. You are excited and frightened at the same time. You wonder if you’re going to make it. And your life suddenly appears to you like a big mess, a total chaos.

Am I exaggerating? Am I getting cynical?

I guess so... In fact, it is a big change in your life but there’s nothing to be afraid of, that’s what people keep saying to me, so don’t take me wrong when I start to complain like a little baby girl. I’ve got the jitters and that’s all!

I want to clarify one thing: this is just the ironic, pessimist and black part of me. It’s not me. Well, yes but no. Let’s put it this way: Imagine that you’re listening to my evil clone who’s talking. Don’t even bother to read this shit. The real me is very happy with all this situation. Hey, I’m getting married after all!

- Amaya

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Anónimo dijo...

Dear Amaya,

I am glad you got such lavish and unexpected proposition to get married. Women like those demonstrations of affection.
But to tell you the Truth, yes There is a lot to think and to take into consideration.
Marriage requires lots of patience and understanding . Luckyt you , you have tested what is to be free. But I guess u didnt like it.
Please also think that to love someone is not enough. You have to love or at least stand the other defects and bad habits. Not easy ! Since all humans are full deffects, i came to the conclusion that people should live with the person whose deffects u can go along with.
During the process u will become a better person and if all goes well u will see that even though you may cry, argue and so on, being married is a fun and rewarding experience.
No need to worry from now. Worrying is as usuful as barking to the moon
Un Abrazote,